About Us


Athrya company is a trading company focusing on environmentally friendly products with smart and advanced technologies. The company is a representative of several international companies and factories to fulfill this vision.


Working in teams enables faster decisions and greater cooperation  and prompt response to our customers’ demands with the expected level of service.


Ali Ahmad

Chief Financial Officer- CFO

Rosemarie Clavo

Business Coordinator

Abdullah Al Zehairi - CEO

CEO Chief Executive Officer

Madyan Alali

E Business Officer

Amjad Ramahi

Business Development Director



meet our customers’ demands with high professionalism, high quality Smart technologies that are innovative and environmentally safe.

Our vision

Be a leading company in bringing technologies and solutions that will improve the quality of people’s lives and enhance the local environment.


We are committed to international standards in our products and services.


We commit to what we offer, strive for excellence, and do things in ways that advance our organization’s goals. Our commitment with you requires your commitment with us.


The company has endeavored to bring creative and innovative products and solutions to our customers.

Clean environment

We are working to find technologically advanced and smart solutions to enhance the surrounding environment and life style.

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