About This Project

Biokker is the most advanced and efficient system in the market for the reduction of
airborne pathogens
Biokker is the new generation of devices using the renowned photo-catalytic oxidation
technology (PCO)
It is not an air filtration system, it is a unique device designed to destroy pathogenic
particles and in the same action eliminate VOCs

Biokker is not simply an “air purifier without filters” for industrial use and large areas; it is an
effective reduction system of environmental pathogens, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and
Designed to cope with the highest levels of biological load, Biokker has the maximum molecular
conversion capacity without discriminating particles by size. Its larger dimension also induces
greater time of passage and permanence of microorganisms through the catalytic reactor, a
necessary process to guarantee the elimination of bio-particles in higher concentration and more
extreme or sensitive situations: hospitals, operating rooms, special care areas, laboratories and
research centres, offices, large facilities, preservation and perishables control, cold storage,
wineries etc.

How does our Technology work?
Biokker is an indoor air purification system, used to eliminate all organic compounds and particles,
in living or inert form, which are present in the air of any given room.
The Biokker technology is based on an advanced process of oxidative photocatalysis included in
the so-called AOTs (Advanced Oxidation Technologies) with the capacity to eliminate pollutants in
the gas phase.
The air passes through the photocatalyst inside the device, where it is photo-oxidized completely
into minimum traces of CO2 and H2O. The contaminant is not filtered or transformed, it is
Biokker is designed to eliminate any organic airborne material, from VOCs to prokaryotic cells
provided with cell walls, thus able of reaching all microorganisms present in the air: viruses,
moulds and yeasts, bacteria, fungi and their products (mycotoxins, allergens), including the toxic
compounds that cause bad odours that generally contain N or S (hydrogen sulphide,
formaldehyde, mercaptans, etc.).
The Biokker Advantages
– Ultra reactive surfaces by the innovative use of two dioxides
– High oxidative power and low selectivity, degrades a multitude of compounds and mixtures
– Inexhaustible catalyst due to unalterable bonding
– Complete access via nanoparticle coating
– Eco-friendly technology, NO by-products emission
– Energy efficient
– Does NOT generate ozone
– It is NOT a filter: it does not collect or store pathogens, it eliminates them
– Easy to install, no ducts or works required
– Adaptable to variable operating conditions
– Operates at room temperature and atmospheric pressure
– Unique and “green” technology
– Compatible with other air treatments
– Affordable
– ONE single maintenance a year


Why is Biokker unique?

Because it is proven to reduce dangerous exposure to formaldehyde and other harmful VOCs (in
accordance with EU 605/2015).
It provides clean air in an environment where foreign particles (viruses, bacteria) could be
introduced by several sources.
Affordable, with an investment easy to recoup and at minimum maintenance cost.
Used in important research centres and renowned hospitals, histopathology laboratories, office
buildings, medical offices and funeral facilities in Europe and the USA.
It is “plug & play” technology and energy efficient.
Of continued use, 365 days a year, offering permanent protection.
It is installed on a wall, the ceiling or under a drop ceiling.
Environmentally friendly.
The easiest and most effective solution for each sector.

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